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Are You Happy?

In lieu of a proper Hail Pleasar post[1], I’ve decided to post a rather clever info­graphic by Alex Koplin that was sent to me by Scheisse Min­nelli of Pirate City Rollers. It’s well designed (I want a print!), yes, but the con­tent is quite blunt and real. There are many things that may very well […]

Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Wow. This his all been pretty amaz­ing so far with ques­tions rang­ing from the pre­puce to pop music. Today’s post answered the last ques­tion wait­ing. Feel free to send any other ques­tions you might have to In the mean­time I’ll begin work on site design as well as imple­ment­ing fea­tures like a sub­mis­sion form […]