Julius Pleasar, The Wholly Roman Umpire, is an Enforcer for the L.A. Derby Dolls by night. By day, he is an unli­censed ther­a­pist dol­ing out his opin­ions to those who ask.

On Fri­day, April 2nd, 2009, a ques­tion was posed on the Enforcers’ mes­sage board—as was the style of the time. The fol­low­ing morn­ing Julius Pleasar posted his answer. It was found to be agree­able and it was sug­gested that he have his own advice col­umn. Through­out the day, ques­tions were asked and he answered them. By the after­noon he decided that he should take this to the masses, to offer his opin­ions and advice to all in need.

Hail Pleasar” is the result of that day.

Please send all inquiries to hail at julius­pleasar dot com.