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Any advice on how to set up a blind date? I have two friends who I think might hit it off, but don’t really know how to set it up.



Yes: don’t do it.

Well, don’t do it in the typ­i­cal fash­ion of what’s con­sid­ered a blind date. There’s a ridicu­lous amount of pres­sure that’ll be put on both the peo­ple going on the date and you.

A bet­ter way to go about it would be to invite both of them to the same social func­tion, be it a party or some­thing sim­i­lar where con­ver­sa­tion can be had. Movies, con­certs and things of that nature would be a bad idea as they wouldn’t have a proper oppor­tu­nity to get to know each other.

Also, don’t let them know of your inten­tions. When both of them are at said social gath­er­ing, intro­duce them—but don’t rush to do so. And when you do, stick around for the con­ver­sa­tion a while to help it flow. What do they do for a liv­ing? What are their hob­bies? What do they have in com­mon? Ini­ti­ate the ice break­ers. Then, when it seems as though their con­ver­sa­tion has picked up on its own, excuse your­self and grab a drink.

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Julius Pleasar

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